Over a period of time, Greenfield Solutions has earned a name for itself as a leader in composition. We are highly recognized by leading publishers for our layouts. We take the extra step to ensure that our clients get their print and digital pre-press needs addressed with utmost accuracy. We are experienced in creating files which are print-ready. We format and typeset files to meet our client's unique requirements. We focus on all the minute details, including typography and font options. Typography and fonts are selected to portray the content and theme. We provide type-setting services for content for all curriculum areas, as well as trade, mass market, professional products, and business applications.

Our emphasis is on market trends and educational needs. We have collaborated on the creation and design of the market-leading children's reference products, licensed character media and music, and curriculum programs in literacy, math, science, social studies, world languages, and many more.

Our Production Services include

XML Services
Conversion Services
Ebook Services
Data Entry

Branding, Covers and Packaging Design

Developing a unique brand - as visualized in corporate identities, program covers and packaging - is essential to success, and we have helped hundreds of clients become market leaders. Greenfield Solutions has designed thousands of successful covers and program identities. The process of developing a brand - whether a single cover or a complex program with multiple components - begins with a design launch.

We discuss the market and product specifications with the client team, develop and refine a design brief that describes the goals for the product, and begin the process of design and image research. With the goals in mind, we begin a creative process of exploration, prototyping, evaluation, revising, and refining. Initial phases will have a broad range of options, which we evaluate and revise internally before sharing with the larger team and stakeholders. We then begin to narrow the approach to the most successful options and apply that direction to multiple components. Each phase results in feedback, further revisions and testing, and ultimately a clear direction that can be applied program wide.


We create gamified solutions for business development and Operations efficiency. We also incorporate gamification in our courses to enhance involvement and knowledge retention. Based on the organizational goals, we can create Gamification based Sales, Service and operational management systems as well.

UI/UX, Wireframing and Storyboarding Services

Creating excellent user experience is our utmost priority in every project regardless of the media. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are two different aspects of creating a digital product that Greenfield Solutions understands. UI involves creating a visual system for navigating and displaying information. User Experience is the emotional and intellectual response of the user with the product. Like signage at a busy airport, a good interface will easily lead the traveler to their destination and create a rewarding experience; while a bad interface will lead to delays, frustration, and an unhappy traveler.

Creative and Technical Illustration

Our Artists and our creative team are much aware of the cultural sensitivities across the Globe. Hence, we provide contemporary illustrative styles to enhance the look of your design. We specialize in creating your own illustrations to promote your products and services. We strive towards excellence in coming up with creative concepts to keep your Organization’s identity as a unique one.

Greenfield Solutions offers a wide range of editorial services to develop high quality educational content for Pre-K to 12 and higher Ed Publishers.

We believe that strong writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading, and fact checking are each essential to creating clear content. Our lead editors and copyeditors have years of experience. They study the guidelines of each program to meet clients’ expectations.

Our writers and editors focus on developing crisp, clear content that matches the target audience and program goals. Our copyeditors not only look for content-related problems, but they also review for grammar issues and consistency throughout all documents. They are also able to look at the big picture of the client’s wishes and ensure a match. For each project, our editorial and author management ensure the work performed is at the highest level of quality for which Greenfield Solutions is known.

Our proofreaders are trained professionals they go above and beyond a typical "proofread". They not only check for punctuation but confirm consistencies and layouts. The consider their work the bow on the present of a quality educational product. Each proofreader has years of experience.

Our fact checking staff are experts in their field. Our lead fact checker has years of experience. She knows exactly what to look for and what needs to be called out. Greenfield Solutions uses accuracy checkers over and above the copyeditor, who is also expected to check every digital field or page of a file. Greenfield Solutions understands the importance of getting it right the first time, so we employ only the best.

Our Editorial Services include

Creating Clear Content
Writing and Editing
Author Management
Fact Checking

Greenfield Solutions offers a wide range of Digital Design and editorial services to develop high-quality educational content.

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