We all are aware that the logistics industry facilitates the trade, entrepreneurial activities between two or more parties by means of transporting, storing and delivering goods through either business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C) or customer to customer (C2C) supply chain networks. At the present time, logistics companies implement cargo transportation services by land, air and water while adapting to the changing nature of the economic patterns and digitization. This industry is one of the backbones of international trade all over the world. Any breakdown in the Supply chain will have an immense effect on the Global markets. Hence, having a robust workforce with timely upgradation of systems and constant improvements in the delivery methods can help your Logistic company to have that edge.

We at Greenfield Solutions have hands on experience in providing consultation on Supply chain Management, Process optimization and overall business development in the Logistics sector.

We provide courses on the below topics, which can enhance the performance of your workforce:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Global Transportation and Logistics level1 and level2
  • Logistics process Optimization
  • Reverse Logistics management and sustainability
  • Supply chain Risk Management
  • Shipping, Multimodal transport and Logistics.

We provide both b2b & b2c Digital Tools for Logistics Companies in Oman & MENA Region.

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