A trusted partner for 20 plus years, delivering skilled professionals globally.With a track record of deploying over more than 3000+ professionals in Asia and the Middle East, we now extend our services to Canada.

Explore the highlights of our offerings :

Temporary Vacancy Solutions :

Seamlessly fill temporary vacancies with our adept professionals, ensuring continuity and efficiency in your operations.

Probationary Employment Services :

Test the waters with our probationary employment services, allowing you to evaluate individual skills before making permanent commitments.

Tailor-Made Solutions :

Our flexible approach caters to your job requirements on short notice, providing personalized services to meet your unique staffing needs.

Talent Enhancement Solutions :

Recognizing the pivotal role of investing in talent development to unleashthe untapped potential within employees and foster organizational advancement, Greenfield Solutions provides a holistic range of talent enhancement services. These encompass crafting bespoke training programs, spearheading leadership development endeavors, conducting competency assessments, Skill Gap Analysis, curating training content, and offering personalized career coaching.Our customized strategies aim to foster talent growth, refine skill sets, and boost performance throughout every tier of the organization.

Executive Replacement Services :

Bridge leadership gaps in your organization with exceptional professionals, mitigating the impact of senior executives' departures.

Manpower Fulfillment :

Regardless of your requirements or deadlines, we guarantee the fulfillment of all your manpower needs, ensuring your workforce is always ready to meet challenges head-on. Choose Greenfield HR for a reliable and agile workforce solution – where experience meets excellence.

What We Do?

Corporate Clients

Partnering with talented job seekers, we rigorously test their skills and align them with your job requirements. Whether it's temporary or full-time positions, our pool of candidates is equipped to meet your organizational needs. Entrusting us with your recruitment process allows you to focus more on managing your organization goals. Our operational strategies and commitment to delivering the right candidates have garnered trust and satisfaction from all our clients. We prioritize prompt services with no room for excuses or compromises in quality. We ensure that the most suitable skilled professional for your company reaches you swiftly. Our dedication to meeting your requirements ensures you receive nothing less than the best.

Job Seeker

We connect Job Seekers with the right organizations without any cost. Believing that hard work in acquiring professional skills deserves rewarding job opportunities, we charge no fees to them. Whether it's full-time or temporary positions, Job Seekers find opportunities that match their requirements. In a sea of hiring companies and job portals, Greenfield Solutions stands out by prioritizing your needs, providing top-notch services, and ensuring the best employment experience.

Our Business Lines

Offering comprehensive resource servicing, we consistently provide the best resource for any position. From clerical to Senior Management,  from administrative roles to legal, mechanical, engineering, and technical positions, we have the right resources to deliver optimal results. Our dedicated departments for each job vertical in today’s employment sector ensure thorough screening, testing, and qualification verification, assuring you of candidates perfectly suited to fill vacancies in your company.

Our Experties

Temporary Placements

Count on us for seamless part-time staffing solutions. We deliver the right professionals to responsibly manage your assignments, ensuring productivity without concerns about extended leaves or maternity absences.

Probationary Employment

Evaluate candidates without immediate commitment using our probationary employment service. Post a trial period, provide detailed feedback, minimizing hiring risks by aligning talent with your specific needs.

Direct Hire

Simplify your hiring process by engaging with us for open positions. We handle candidate searches, promotions, resume checks, and other intricacies, providing you with the best candidates promptly.

Executive Positions

Fulfill senior executive roles with elite professionals who surpass expectations. We meticulously source executive candidates, ensuring the new hire exceeds the performance standards set by their predecessor, delivering outstanding results.Project Management

Project Management

Turn your business ideas into reality with our comprehensive project management services. As a startup whether you lack office facilities or business experience, we provide the support needed to turn your imagination into success with our experienced consultants. Our incubator facilities are designed to nurture startups, eliminating obstacles and transforming your dreams into tangible achievements. Lack of business experience will not hinder your success; we are here to turn your great business ideas into reality.

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