We at Greenfield HR have been providing Skilled professionals to many Leading Organizations since the last 16 years globally. we have deputed more than 1000+ professionals in Asia and Middle-East. Now we have launched in Canada. Find below few of the highlights of our services:

  • We assist you in filling your temporary vacancies by providing the most suitable candidates.
  • We help you with probationary employment services which will help you to test the skills of a candidate before getting him or her in your rolls.
  • We provide tailor-made services to meet your job requirements even within a short notice.
  • We help fill the void created by the senior executives in your organization by providing the most outstanding professionals.
  • We make sure that all your manpower requirements are always met irrespective of your requirements or deadlines.

Our Business Model

What We Do

We make the jobs easy for hiring managers and HR recruiters of all sorts of companies around the world. We make this job hunts cakewalk for all aspiring candidates.

Corporate Clients

We sign up with talented job seekers, test their skills and hire them to serve your job requirements. We have the right set of candidates to take up your temporary and full-time job positions. When you assign the task of finding the right set of professionals to do the required jobs for you, you will be able to spend more time managing your organizational goals. The recruitment process of your organization is safe with us.

We are specialized in finding the right set of candidates for your workforce. All our clients are extremely happy with our operational strategies and the methods we implement in getting the right set of candidates each time. We have gained the trust of all our clients by ensuring prompt services with no room for excuses or compromises in service quality.

We make sure that the most ideal candidate fit to serve the position in your company reaches you in the shortest duration. We never compromise on your requirements and always strive hard to provide you with nothing less than the best.


We make sure that a candidate with the right set of skills gets employed with the best organization without paying a dime. We provide this service without charging any money from the candidates because we believe that anyone who has worked hard to acquire professional skills deserves a good job opportunity. We provide fulltime as well as temporary job positions to candidates according to their requirements. The employers for whom we hire the candidates will take care of our remuneration and hence we do not have to charge our candidates under any circumstances.

Plenty of hiring companies and job portals are available today. Greenfield solutions are different because we prioritize your needs and provide you with topnotch services. When you choose us, you can be assured of the best employment experience.

Our Business Lines

We provide an all-inclusive job servicing package to our clients. Irrespective of the position that you have to fill, we provide you with the best candidates all the time. Be it clerical, administrative, legal, mechanical, engineering or technical positions, we have the right candidate to fill in and provide you with the best results.

We have different departments to take care of each job vertical in today’s employment sector.

Our team of professionals does the initial screening of candidates and put them through a series of tests to gauge their knowledge and exposure in their respective fields. We hire a candidate only after making sure that he or she is completely qualified to fill in the job vacancy in your company.

Our Core Competencies

Temporary Placements

Whenever you need professionals to take care of part-time jobs, you can rely on us. We will provide you with the right set of staff required to responsibly undertake the works assigned by you without the threats of long leaves, maternity absences etc.

Probationary Employment

You can try out and verify the quality of work done by the candidates without hiring them into your team using the probationary employment service provided by us. After a specific trial period, you can provide a detailed report to the candidate explaining about the reasons that made you to hire/reject them. This will help you to avoid all sorts of risks involved in hiring a candidate who does not perform according to your needs.

Direct Hire

When a job position is open in your company, you can get in touch with us and provide all the required details. We will search the candidates without any additional help and provide you with the best within a short period of time. You do not have to worry about promotions, resume-checks or any other tedious jobs because we do it all for you.

Executive Positions

When you have to fill in the void created by the senior executives in your organization, you would definitely want the best candidate. We do all that is necessary to get you an executive candidate from a list of elite professionals to manage this requirement. We will make sure that the new hire exceeds the expectations set by the previous employee of yours and provide you with outstanding results.

Project Management

If you have a great business idea but no amenities to turn your ideas into a working reality, you can rely on us. We will provide you with all the facilities to run your office. Our incubator facilities will help all sorts of start-up companies. Lack of business capital will not stand in your way if you have a great business idea in mind because we are here to transform your dreams into reality.

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