Seasoned Performance Development Professionals

At Greenfield Solutions, we are fortunate to have a seasoned In-house performance development professionals. We can certainly boast about the quality of our interventions and its time tested, measurable outcome which has always been our highlight. If you are looking at equipping your workforce with critical Skills which can take your organization to the Next level, then you are in the right place.

Learning Interventions

We all are aware on how much a well-designed, effective learning intervention can have an impact on your work force. Our Interventions are well crafted keeping your operational and functional requirements in mind. The sessions surely guarantee Return on Investment as you can witness the post intervention results.

We offer these learning interventions in all Formats – (Live Online ILT / Webinars / eLearning / Self-paced Courses / Blended Learning and Classroom Sessions).

PIP (Performance Improvement Program)

One of our signature programs is called the Performance Improvement Program where we clearly study and analyze the current performance levels of your talent pool and draft an improvement road map in consensus with stake holders. A 360-degree feedback would be individually given to every employee and a clear pre and post assessment would be conducted along with various other real time assignments.

We provide coaching, consulting, mentoring services as part of this initiative. We deliver Performance improvement programs for employees in all capacities. Employee Category based intervention details are given below:

Basic Managerial Skills: A Course highlighting the fundamental principles, Skills and functions of a Manager. The entire course is designed to equip the participant with key tools and techniques to excel as a Manager.

Advanced Managerial Skills: A Course comprising, deeper insights on how to Identify and nurture talent, how to lead a remote team and also how to manage team leaders and Managers.

Managerial Orientation: The New Manager Orientation course is exclusively designed for employees who are newly promoted to be Managers. This is an inspiring and an extended version of a Manager’s induction. The transitional Skills and activities to be displayed, from being an Individual Contributor to a Manager is practically cascaded to the New Manager.

Managerial Capability Building: This Course is designed with specific Managerial Competencies in mind. Based on the Organization and the role that they play, the competency required would be first established. The Managers would then go through a series of Competency awareness sessions and competency building exercises to build their capability as a Manager.

Manager as a Coach: As a Manager we all play different roles. Such as Teacher, Trainer, friend, guide, task master etc…Most of these roles are in a way, familiar to us as we have many examples around us. How about Coaching? This is a niche expertise, which only professionals can deliver. However, as a Manager, learning the fundamentals of Coaching can help, to effectively lead your team. Manager as a Coach will practically help you with that.

Supervisory Skills Development: The Fundamentals of being an effective Supervisor is the main highlight of this course. Awareness on the Roles, functions and responsibilities of a Supervisor is clearly explained with real-time examples and scenarios.

Emerging Leaders Program: This is an exclusive program to train the future leaders of your Organization. This can be part of your Leadership Succession plan. As we identify Potential Future Leaders, we are not fully sure of their Leadership abilities, simply because they never had a chance to show case that so far. Hence this course provides the opportunity for all the participants to learn the key points, on transitioning them from being an Individual Contributor, to a Leader.

Advanced Supervisory Skills Development: As a Supervisor, at times, we fall short of tools and techniques on how to Supervise our teams effectively. We have seen some Supervisors not growing beyond a point as they reach a saturation in their career. This course would enable them to look beyond their perennial problems and look out for solutions to surpass their own previous performances.

High Impact Communication (General): To be a High Impact communicator has become a mandatory skill that employees from all industries must possess. This General Workshop covers all the General Aspects of becoming a High Impact Communicator, such as, Verbal, non-verbal, Body language, Listening, influencing through all the Channels of Communication.

High Impact Communication (Email): At times we have seen employees who are very effective in their face to face communication, however when it comes to emails, they lack the fundamental education required to be as effective in their communication through emails. This workshop would help the participants to build a strong foundation on how to be a High Impact communicator through your email writing.

High Impact Communication (Telephone): In today’s world, people order online and when anything needs to be clarified then, no one visits your office premises, instead they just make a call. The calls can be of various nature, such as enquiries, sales call, complaint call, service related call, reminder calls, information call etc… Is your workforce equipped enough to be a high impact communicator? If the answer is no, then this course if for your team.

Presentation Skills for Team Leaders: All the team leaders are expected to represent their team in various forums, or even at times, they are expected to conduct their own meetings. While work related aspects are taught to all these team leaders, they at times lack the ability to stand up and deliver in an appealing manner. To speak in the public or even to present your ideas without any hiccups is not easy for even seasoned Professionals. Hence this Presentation Skills course would provide practical exercises to help the Leaders enhance their Presentation skills.

Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals: As a Sales Professional, presenting your Solutions to an individual or a group of decision makers happens every day. The Success of a Sales person completely depends on how informational/influential/persuasive and engaging that Presentation goes. Many Organizations design their own scripts and processes to address this point and they are helpful to some extent. However, what is required is for the Sales Person is to develop themselves to be effective Presenters and demonstrators of their Products or services. This Course will help your Sales team with that exactly.

Change readiness Program: As we are aware that the change is the only constant in today’s sequence of events. Hence to be prepared and ready to embrace that unprecedented Change is massive challenge that we all are facing. We can overcome this challenge by learning the basic principles of Change, such as the nature of it and the different practical steps we need to take in order to adapt to that change in a pro- active and practical manner.

Yes, for Change: Saying Yes and welcoming Change is easily said, than done. One of the key factors here is the concept of anticipating change. At times we are unable to see beyond the present. In other words, we are stuck with our Mundane activities and are finding it difficult to cope up when that monotone is disturbed. Saying yes to that disturbance is important, because that is going to repeat again and again. Hence viewing that change as an Opportunity and quickly capitalizing on that, to our favor is what we will learn in this course.

Planning, prioritizing and Time Management: This Course is designed to enhance the Time Management competency of the participants. The program will help the participants to identify their time wasters and how to channelize their focused efforts to derive maximum productivity. At times we find ourselves always busy, but when we calculate the output, we are shocked as it is very low in proportion to the efforts we put in it. Practical exercises and ideas are the key highlights of this course.

How to make the clock tick for you: At times we look at ourselves as a victim, wherein deadline chases us, targets chase us, timeline chases us and we are running and trying to keep up to it. But the question is how long will we run? Instead how about having a proactive outlook about Time. How about using time as our Personal assistant? an additional support for us to get the most done in the little time available. Believe me, Time can be our best friend, if we just change the way we view it and change the way we make it work for us. This course will help us to take advantage of the most precious resource in the whole world TIME.

Situational Leadership 2: Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model is a time tested framework through which we can stream line the Leadership team of any organization. The Core advantage of this course is that it will help the leaders, to lead different types of their team members, who are in different development levels, under different situations, to still produce the desired results for the Organization.

Mindful Leadership: Mindful Leadership is a concept of being in the present. It is all about avoiding to render yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems. Hence as a Leader we must always strive to stay relevant in these changing times. There is no doubt that the experience that we gained will add to our knowledge, but being mindful is always about experiencing what is happening right now without any filters of our past.

Leadership Styles and Effects: Identifying our Leadership styles and understanding the effects that it has on our work and our team members is of paramount importance. We all are born with our own inherent leadership styles and during the journey of life we do learn and develop other styles of leadership. Identifying those and developing the ones, in which we are lacking is very important for us to improve our Leadership ability.

Leadership DNA: There are some skills and qualities which are considered to be essential in all kinds of leadership roles universally. Those qualities form the DNA of an Effective Leader. At time we possess those skills and qualities naturally and at times we need to learn and imbibe those qualities in order to be more effective. The Leadership DNA course will help us to grow in that area.

Business Process Management: As they say “Process is the KING”. Any business model should not be people dependent or situation dependent, whereas it has to be process dependent in order for the business to achieve stability and consistency in its delivery. Every activity of our business can be stream lined and made more effective by drafting and following realistic processes in order for the business to be more successful This course can be customized to suit your requirement and in the end of the session you will be able to derive and draft your own processes.

4 Disciplines of Execution: Designed out of Chris Mchesney’s book. It is an awareness course on all the 4 Disciplines of Execution which can help an Organization or an individual to bridge the gap between their strategy and execution.

Problem Solving and Decision Making: Introduction and implementation of some Problem Solving and Decision Making tools will be taught and practical exercises to practice will be done during the program. Some of the tools are namely – PEST analyses, Grid Analyses, BCG matrix, Porters 5 forces…etc.

Execution Excellence: As we all know Execution is a massive Challenge. This is a Case study and a role play based course. We will provide opportunities for you to practically go through the different stages of execution and how to consistently deliver and be excellent in doing the same.

Design thinking Workshop: A Design Thinking workshop is a hands-on, activity-based session built around the Design Thinking process. ... Based on the five phases of Design Thinking, a Design Thinking workshop focuses on: Empathy: Getting to grips with a real user problem and building empathy for the target users and fellow team members.

Creativity and Innovation: Creativity and innovation course is a facilitated session that focuses participants on brainstorming, problem identification, and rapid prototyping of solutions. The course is centered around creative thinking methodology with a Solutions-based approach to solving key business problems.

Through the Customer’s eyes program: It is a program which help any customer facing employee to look at things from the Customer’s point of view. It encompasses the entire range of different issues related to any customer universally. This Course has lot of activities, quizzes etc…to make it very engaging and interesting.

Customer Service Champion: Every Customer wants to be served by a Champion CS professional. How to be an employee of choice for the Customer. How to be champion in the view of a customer. This Course will give key ideas and techniques to become a CS Champion.

Customer Service STAR: Every Customer wants to be served by a STAR CS professional. How to be an employee of choice for the Customer. How to be champion in the view of a customer. This Course will give key ideas and techniques to become a Customer Service STAR.

Basic Selling Skills: Sales Process, Greeting, Consulting, Negotiating, Closing and Objection handling are some key points which will be taught in this Basic Selling Skills Course. We can certainly customize this session to suit your product and Services.

Advanced Selling Skills: SPIN Questioning Model, Key Account Management techniques, High volume Sales Closing Skills, Rapport building and Product Positioning are some of the key highlights of this course.

Personal Effectiveness: This Personal Effectiveness training course is designed for those who seek to further develop their key skills and techniques which are needed to build personal impact, influence and effectiveness in dealings with others such as individual customer’s or Organizations.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: Evidence points to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as one of the most effective treatment for many chronic, recurring, and challenging mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, addiction, personality disorders, OCD, PTSD, trauma and more.In this intensive CBT certificate course, you'll master a fresh set of clinical tools and skills that will transform your inner self. This is NOT a "one-strategy-fits-all" approach. Rather, this online CBT course offers you a complete collection of practical ways to unleash your inner potential.

NLP based Personality Development: NLP can be used for personal development, phobias, and anxiety. NLP uses perceptual, behavioral, and communication techniques to make it easier for people to change their thoughts and actions and hence it is looked up to be one of the best Personality development tool.

Emotional Intelligence: EI or Rational Thinking is one of the most effective ways to lead people. Daniel Goleman’s principle are used to create this course. Emotional Awareness, Social Awareness, Emotional Management and Social Management are the modules which you will learn in this.

Finance for Non Finance: Finance for Non Finance Professionals program is designed to explains key financial concepts, tools and techniques in a simple and lucid manner to help non-finance managers build and develop the much-needed financial credence into their decision making process.

Goal Based Financial Planning: Goal-based financial planning is a method that allows you to plan for multiple financial objectives across various time horizons. ... Naming the goal makes you less likely to react to ups and downs in the market. If they are working toward a goal, not chasing returns, then the emotional decision-making is reduced. Hence this workshop gives you a hands on insight on how to be a Goal Based Financial planner.

Executive Coaching (one to one): Coaching is by far one of the most successful practice to elicit the best behavior out of any individual and support them to achieve their desired targets of them as well as their Organization. This session can help you to achieve your goals.

Corporate Coaching Framework: Many Organizations lack the Coaching culture in their Organization. Our certified Coaches will help you design your own coaching framework for your entire Organization to increase efficiency and productivity

Classroom Train the Trainer Workshop Level 1 and 2: Audience Analyses, Adult Learning Principles, Classroom Control and Engagement, Appreciative Enquiry, Questioning Techniques, Course Designing, Session Structure, Activities Creation etc. are some of the topics which will be covered in the Train the Trainer workshop. You can enroll in the generic one as well as, we can customize it to suit your requirements too.

Virtual Train the Trainer Workshop: Since these days, all the instructor led trainings are happening virtually, many trainers, as well as teachers are still not comfortable and efficient to create an impact on their audiences virtually. This Train the Trainer workshop will certainly help them to effectively use the tools which are available and to enhance their virtual delivery style.

Subject Matter Experts Train the Trainer Program: This is a customized program to equip the subject matter expert from any line of work to design and deliver a learning intervention which can continually support the team members belonging to that line of work.

One of our signature programs is called the Performance Improvement Program.

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