Gamified Corporate Programs

Gamified Corporate Programs – The Video contains sample of how we can train employees on Business etiquette in a Gamified manner. This is just a demonstration and we could do similar gamified activities to Train, equip and motivate the employees of your Organization according to your requirement.

Gamified Induction

The Video here contains a sample of how we can conduct an effective virtual Gamified Induction program to welcome a new employee in your Organization. At times we feel like the New Employee Induction program seems very redundant and employees are still not very clear about some of the key attributes of the organization yet. When we do it in a Gamified Virtual way, research reveals a huge increase in Employee turnover for this initiative.

Gamification for Organization and Corporate Training Initiatives

The Video just gives an idea about how we can create various initiatives to engage employees through a Gamified Solutions. Like – On Job Training, practice Sessions, Assessments, Sales process and etc…

We create Game-based Solutions in Oman for business development and operational efficiency.

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